Sunday, July 8, 2012

Washi Tape/Ribbon holder Semi-Tutorial

Ladies! I'm so so excited to finally share something with you that it worth it! I showed you a few of my canvases yesterday. But today! I took a video tutorial by Jennibellie and did my own little interpretation on it.  The first picture in the tutorial is a just a photo album from Goodwill (mine was 99 cents!) and covered it. That is the only thing you don't see in this video. I'll do another video of it when it is completely done. :)

Let's get to the pictures and the video!

As you can see, I took The photo album and simply covered it with matching paper. I took black cardstock and put it on there first and then took that adorable white patterned paper and put it on the outside and inside. 

Materials I used: Scissors, bone folder, circle hole punch and black cardstock. I also used my paper cutter but you can see that in the video!

I took the 8 1/2 X 11 black cardstock and cut it down to 7X6 (see the picture. I'm EXTREMELY bad a math and dimensions.)

I then used a template I made for where I wanted the holes to be and punched them. I wanted to have them have a little bit of a difference as opposed to Jennibellie's because in hers, she sewed the cardstock together and to the covers but I do not currently have the tools to do so. 

These are the extra bigger pieces that I put hole punches in as well and I am going to use them to put lace, ribbons, etc on. I think I might move them to the front of the album as well just so it will be smaller pieces in the front and bigger pieces for the washi tape in the back!

Here is what it looks like all finished. There are 10 of the bigger pages with the flaps and 10 pages of the smaller ones with no flaps! I'm extremely happy with it. 

And here is the link to the video!!

Enjoy ladies. 


  1. Hi Sarah. Met you tonight at Tracy's Art Journaling class. Welcome to Blog World. Put a "follow me" gadget up and I'll sign up. Happy crafting.

  2. hi Kim! Thanks so much. And I'm trying to figure out how to do that right now!