Monday, July 23, 2012

Last one tonight!

This one is actually the most recent because I finished it a little while ago. Haha! Tracy Weinzapfel has a UStream class every Monday night and tonight I followed along with what she was going with. Here are my step-by-steps that I did. :)

I painted my background in my color scheme of the day (pink, yellow and purples) and then I took my big booty plastic doily and painted the purple and blue into it to get the design (I don't even care that it's all messy.)

Then I took my homemade leaf stamp and made two flowers out of them (Tracy did flowers tonight!) and I love love love how they came out.

 Then I took another one of my big booty plastic doily and it has this beautiful flower pattern in the middle of it and I just used gesso and painted into it (my gesso is thicker so it does run as much like the blue and purple one did) and I did three of them (Tracy did 3 flowers. I tried to stick with what she was doing a little. Lol)

Then I colored them in with blue, pink and turquoise watercolors and accented each petal with white to highlight them a little bit and I added those flourishy looking things to the corners as well. 

 I started to get down on myself at this point. I didn't like that bottom flower. So I made it look better. 

 Here is the finished product! It's soooo beautiful in person. I wish you could all see it.

I'm not religious by any means but I saw this on Pinterest one day and it just. I think it's absolutely beautiful. It's from Proverbs 31:25. "She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future." How great is that?!

This is my favorite part of the page though. I love how that flower came out. :))

Thank you, Tracy if you are reading this for an amazing inspiration for this piece. I'm totally in love with it. 

I hope you all have an amazing night. I'm heading to bed. Test in the morning!


  1. Hello! Nice to meet you. I'm also on Limor's mixed media group...just found your blog. I seen parts of Tracy's show last night..Great Job! TFS! :)

  2. Hello ScrapChica! Nice to meet you as well. Thanks for checking out my blog. :) I've been updating a lot. So keep checking back.