Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mini Matchbook Tutorial

Hey ladies. Sorry I've been away for a little while. My dad just had bypass surgery and I've been under a lot of stress. But I am BACK and in full swing. I found a tutorial by Kathy Orta on how to make a matchbook type album and I made one for myself. Her instructions are super super easy to follow (she's got a great teaching style. Never leaves out a step and is very thorough.

But here are the pictures of my version of the book. :)

When the book is all folded up here is what it looks like. I used Marion Smith's Tim Holtz Grunge Flower Tutorial to make the rose on the front which I just secured down with Aleene's Tacky Glue and I used the colors that I didn't use on the outside. 

When you first unfold it it will look like this. It has 3 spots for either journaling or pictures. 

And when you open it up completely, here is what it looks like! How awesome is that?! It has 3 big journaling spots and those lace areas are POCKETS. How fun! Now. Kathy's tutorial cuts off after she gets to that point. But since it did and I assembled it just fine, I'm going to give you what I did to finish it off. 
 Tips: When you get to the point to where it cuts off I think that basically the only thing that I have to tell you all is that you NEED to reinforce the gussets. That is what is going to make it fold up really nicely. The top gusset needs to be reinforced as well so that everything folds where it is supposed to. DO NOT stray from her measurements. They are extremely precise and I made a mistake my first try and screwed everything up! Hahaha.

Here is the video to how it opens and closes as well. :)

I hope you all have a fabulous day and I'm going to come back with another AMAZING tutorial you won't want to miss. It'll save you money BIG TIME. :)


  1. This is divine. I made photo journaling albums and I like to add little mini's like this to each album.

    1. That's what I"m going to do with another one. I'm in the plans of making a mini album and I'm going to make one of these to put in there! Thanks for the comment. :)