Friday, July 13, 2012

Inside the Washi Tape 7 easy steps!

Hey ladies! So I've been working on my Homemade Washi Tape holder that I did a post about and I am SO excited to say that I am almost done with it!! YAAAAY!! I have two more pages to put wax paper on (My hand just hurts from doing the other 8) and then I actually get to start making my washi tape to fill it. And I have a big piece of masonite that is 2 feet long that I have in my room. So I'm going to take wax paper, line the masonite and each design of my Washi Tape will be 2 feet long! And of course, I can always add more. As it sits right now, I have room for FORTY (Holy crap, right?!) different columns to put my tapes on. *jaw drop*

I am super excited about putting this step-by-step tutorial together for you ladies (and gents if you're out there!). There is a video of it on my YouTube! I hope you like it! Please please please leave comments, questions or just tell me what you like and do not like about it! Thanks!

Hereeee we go!

Step 1: 
Gathering your supplies! (you're not going to make it out of air now, are yah?!)
Supplies I used were the following: 
Wax Paper, Paper cutter, Ruler, Scissors, Bone Folder (optional. I just don't like sticky fingers) and your preferred glue stick.
TIP: Do not use liquid glue. I tried it and it was a mess that I regretted. You want to use the glue stick. :)

 Step 2: 
Lay out your paper cutter and roll out your wax paper WAX SIDE UP!
TIP: I found while doing the pictures for this tutorial, it was so much easier to keep the roll in the box so it doesn't fly all over the place. :)

 Step 3: 
Cut the Wax Paper into 1" strips WAX SIDE UP! and set them aside wax side up as well so that you don't get them confused (I put mine in this long organizer box that my boyfriend's mom gave me.)

Now. You want to make the bottom sheet look like the top sheet. And here's how you do it!

Step 4: 
Easiest. Step. Ever. Lay out your wax paper stripes to see how many fit comfortably on the sheet. Done.
 Step 5: 
Making your indents.
 Okay. So in my template, I laid out my strips and I made the indents 1/2'' deep and measured 1" across (which is the length of the masking tape). Then take your template, line it up and make your slits!

Step 6: 
Fold the 1" flaps that you just made down to the backside of the page and glue them down. These flaps were great guides for the next step.
This is what it should look like at this point.

Okay. Here come the final steps (which unfortunately take the longest!)

Step 7:
Take your wax paper (WAX SIDE UP!) and glue it down to the flap you made in the back. Like I said, this is going to be your guide. And after that, glue the rest of your paper down to the cardstock. 
TIP: I glued them completely and then wrapped it around and attached them to where I started. And cut off any excess paper (I had about an inch left)

 Here is the finished product when it is folded up (like it will be in my book) and when it is completely open!

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial because it was really fun for me to put together. I think I'm starting to get the hang of blogging and videoing my process. 


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