Saturday, July 14, 2012

And now for the grand finale!!!

Hahaha! I'm so excited I could squeal. Oh wait. I already have! I FINALLY finished putting all my wax paper strips down to the cardstock (all. forty. strips.) and today I made my first set of tapes and let me tell you, I could not be any more excited and giddy as I am now with how they came out. I took a few pictures (of course!) and I'm going to have a video later on my YouTube Channel. I'm just visiting my dad at the hospital now and don't have the headphones to edit the video. It's actually funny because I kept saying I was done and kept talking. Haha! But here are the pictures!

Okay. So I laid out my masking tape on wax paper that was attached to a piece of masonite (yep. all that. Haha!) And I used acrylics. Let me tell you, acrylic paint works GREAT on masking tape. I wanted to just test out some solid colors first and that's what the first 3 are. They worked great. They did buckle a little bit but then when I heat gunned them, it flatted right out. 
TIP: Press the tape down to the wax paper, even use a bone folder to do it because it will prevent some of that buckling. 

 After I heat gunned them dry, I started to add them to my book!

Here are some of my heat tool tips. This is the heat tool I use. I bought it for $3 at a garage sale! So here are some tips I found in making my first batch. 

1. Use acrylics. They work great on the tape. 
2. Watercolors are great to use too. You get good coverage but make sure that you let it dry completely before removing it from your board.
3. Press the tape down onto the wax paper after putting it on there (when your designing it AND when you put it into your book/folder).
4. Mod Podge is also fun to use. In the first picture, the white looking tape has sparkle mod podge on it. You can see it a little bit. It's got a GREAT look to it because I added a light pink wash to it to give it some color.

My next batch will be me experimenting with different glues and some maps!


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