Sunday, July 15, 2012

My findings over the last 24 hours.

Washi tape central over here in my room. So far I have made 20 different patterns and designs. And I have to say, I am loving each and every one of them. :) Here are some more of my findings that I'm learning along the way.

1. I. love. my. heat. gun. hahaha! Seriously, if you have a heat gun (I show you mine in the last post) USE IT.  It saves time, energy and you can start making more!

2. Watercolors look really amazing on the tape. Once they are dry (using my heat tool), it looks like the you bought the tape that way.

3. Acrylics still look great on it.

4. I actually embossed one of my tapes last night. And let me tell you, that was a chore because I am apparently not the smartest dolphin of the pod and made a huge mess. But! I have figured it out and I'm going to keep making them. :)

5. The tapes don't stick (so far) to the piece before when you wrap them around and such. It doesn't ruin it so don't be afraid!


Yesterday I got home from the hospital and my cousin had brought in the mail and my Marion Smith Vintage Trinkets got here! Yipee! Here's what I got!

I am in LOVE with those little bird cages and I can't wait to use those little frames. :)

Also, I keep forgetting to tell you guys that I am using a sketchbook I bought that is too small to use as an art journal and I'm using it to plan my blog posts, write my step-by-step tutorials, writing out ideas of what works and what doesn't with certain techniques and such. This is just the page for my washi tapes. Haha!
It has glues and how they react, ideas on the left, tips in the middle and heat tool things on the right. I'm happy to finally put it to use. It's just a cute little 6x6 sketchbook. :)

Well. That's it for now. It's still really early in the day. So I might have another post up later. 

Think. Believe. Create.<3

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