Saturday, July 7, 2012

I'm only on my third post and I feel like a bad blogger already.

I greatly greatly apologize for this but because of a family troubles at the moment, I am unable to post the videos today.

I will, however, be putting up a few pictures for you all to look at and share a recent story because I've got some time on my hands just sitting in a hospital room.

Okay. Story time! So I am constantly on YouTube looking for new Mixed Media artist to follow and learn new things from. Last week I found Jennibellie. This is the link to her YouTube Channel and by golly, I love her and her videos. Well on one of her videos from last month, she was calling out to artists to have a spot on her blog called "Tell All Tuesday." So I sent her an e-mail last week and said how nervous I was because I had never done an interview before about me and most certainly not my art (My art is basically seen by my boyfriend and my parents. More on them later). I got an e-mail back on Thursday with the list of questions, requirements and guidelines and such. I was super!!!! excited about it because I, Sarah, am going to have a spot on a blog of an artist that I now admire and has over 2,000 subscribers on YouTube and I honestly just cannot believe that I am going to do it.

Now. Back to my parents. They have always supported me no matter what I wanted to do. When I was younger I was a cheerleader, played softball, gymnastics. Middle school I did piano and band. In high school I did volleyball and band. My parents literally let me do whatever I wanted. I have always had a sketchbook and have always loved art. I even won a school wide contest in elementary school and that was all fine and dandy to them. But when I was making the decision to become an art minor, it felt like they did not care one bit about my art. I told my mom about the interview with Jennibellie ALL excited and told her how many followers and blog views she has a day and stuff and she goes "Yeah. Most of them are probably from you." ...Really? I get an INTERVIEW on a BLOG from someone who has THOUSANDS of followers and you cannot be just a litttttle bit more happy about it? It's really frustrating because I love my parents and I wish they would just accept that I love art as more then just a hobby. 

But as a promised. Here are some of the canvas works that I have done. 

This particular piece was a challenge to myself. I went through this week long phase of painting whatever surface I was working on black and then putting my painting on top of that. Haha. This is a piece of masonite  from Home Depot (They're super cheap and I had my grandpa cut them into pieces for me). I had to do about 3 coats of the blue to get it that color and the white is a charcoal pencil).

Another black painted canvas. Each flower took me about an hour to do. Took a while. But I love the end result. 

This is a wood canvas board thing I got from my Painting 1 class two years ago, sanded it down, put blues, white and reds in the back and took a charcoal stick and drew my Buddha on there. 

Well. I finally got some of it out there. I hope you all enjoyed this post. I'll try and be back tomorrow!


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