Monday, August 18, 2014

I'm back!

I am so sorry I'm such a terrible blogger. My goal for this month is to post just about everything I make (which may or may not be a lot). I figured I'd give you all a little update of what has been going on the for the last year. I know! A whole year. Here's the long story...but short. Ready? GO!

  • I started my (what I thought would be) last semester of my Bachelor's Degree just after my last post. I did the classes and I was working and going to school full-time. I walked across stage for graduation in December and two days later found out I didn't pass a class by 2 points. Yep. Two points. So in January I had to retake said class and then I guess you could say graduated again (I didn't walk again though).
  • I was diagnosed with something that limited me my use of my dominant hand. I didn't make anything for about 6 months just due to pain (Now you see my horror).
  • Stopped working because of arm problem.
  • Took up substitute teaching to make ends meet and fell in love with teaching and decided to go back to school for another Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education. I start next week! :) 
My arm is still an issue unfortunately but I can now create in small intervals. I did a big project (Which I'm hoping to share tomorrow) two days ago which took forever because I kept having to stop from pain. I have a whole new plan for the blog and I hope you'll be here to join me! 

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