Thursday, February 21, 2013

Simple Pocket Book Album.

I actually made this project in January right after I bought all the supplies from my local scrapbooking store. It was sitting there on the table and I absolutely LOVED IT and the owner was generous enough to tell me how to make it without having to pay for the class (I was going back up to school for the start of the Spring semester) and I just had to share this adorable mini. You can use it for a scrapbook, put tags in all the pockets, make it an idea book or whatever you want, really!

You'll need the following:

  • Six 12X12 pieces of double sided cardstock/papers (mine is the ADORABLE Cashmere Dame Collection by Glitz
    • I used the Gingham, Honeycomb, Chevron, Floral, Cherries and Banner (the Gingham was only used to make the piece that covers the binding)
  • I also bought the "Whatnot" embellishments that the store had (they were too cute not to buy!)
  • And you'll need whatever coordinating binding strips you want to use (I used black because it went with the collection beautifully)
  • Black stamp pad (I used one by Ranger)
  • Your preferred glue (I used Aleene's Tacky Glue)
Now the directions! :)
Take you first 12X12 paper and score it at 4" across (this will fold up to make the pockets) and then straight down the middle at 6". 

Score and fold the 4" mark, fold it up and glue down the left and right sides to close off the pockets. 

Do the same with the 6" mark and do this to each of your 12X12 pages. 

Then you'll need your binding cardstock/paper and 
Cut them at 1" across and 8" down. 
Score at 1/2 inch and fold. (For my album, I only needed 4 because I only had 5 papers.)
Then you can cut your outside binding strip at 4X8 
Score it at 1 1/4, flip it and score the other side at 1 1/4. 

Now that all your binding strips are ready, take a look at the pictures of my album and you can see where you attach them. You take the back of one folded page and attach the strip to the back of the first page and to the front of the other. 

I kept the pages simple and only used the embellishments that came in my "Whatnots" pack. 

 The beautiful swimmer girl is only attached to the pockets so that I can still slide things behind her as pockets. 

The embellishment on the left (and others like it in this album) are able to be used as pockets (I only glued down the left and bottom of them)

This embelly was one of the cards (like above) but I cut her out and attached her to the page and then cut out her words "Girls Just wanna have funds" 

I'm sorry that this was such a long post but I'm extremely excited to share this with all of you. And thank you, Deb for the amazing idea and project! 

If you make one too, send pictures! Also, if you have any questions about the construction, leave me a comment!

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  1. Neat album idea! I'm going to try this soon :) Thanks for sharing!

    ~Vanessa W