Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fine Tip Bottles.

I have a new thing I've come to love. These are the bottles (and how I put them together) that I used to make the lines and writing of my Tracy Weinzapfel February Challenge

These are the bottles that I bought from my local Hobby Lobby. They're $2.99 for the pack and I had a 40% off coupon for the 2 packs that I bought (2 packs fit my container that I have for them).

Speaking of the container...this is the container I bought, it was full of those nasty little heart marshmellows that tasted like carboard (as much as I love cardboard, not the taste). It was only $1.50 for the container and I wrote my favorite verse on the front in Sharpie Oil Paint Pen in white. 

                                     The six bottles and the 6 tips fit perfectly in the containers. 

Each pack of bottles comes with 3 tips that screw on. There are 3 different sized tips for each pack. A extra fine line, fine and a kind of thicker one. 

 To fill the bottles I did a 50/50 mixture of paint and water. When I'm making mists or these bottle type things, I always use hot water, I feel like it kind of dissolves them better and breaks them down a little better compared to cold water. 

 I used my 6 favorite colors for the bottles (and once they run out I'll alternate them). 

Then I just shake them up and they come out like this. 

 I store them away nicely in my new container and call it a night! 

I hope you all have a happy and creative day. 

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