Thursday, August 30, 2012

Embossing Die Cuts

I know that I haven't posted in a while but it's all because of school. I moved back up to m University and started classes. So between packing for school, moving to school and starting school, I wasn't creating all that much. But I am back and here with another tutorial! I found a video by esthercraft on YouTube and she made a mini-album and she took her paper Die Cuts and embossing them. I thought to myself, "GENIUS! Why do I never think of these things?" So here is a step by step picture tutorial of what to do.

Supply Time! Here's what you'll need:
*Die cuts of your choice. I have a ridiculous stash of K&Company ones because they're on clearance after new seasons end and when I have a coupon.
*Embossing powder or enamel. I have the Melt Art one and another one that I'm not too fond of. But you live and you learn.
*Embossing Pad- If you've never embossed before, this is what keeps the enamel/powder to whatever it is that you're embossing.
*Tweezers. You'll definitely need these. Because after you heat gun your Die Cuts, those suckers are gonna be hot. (and yes, I did burn my hand last night doing one. Haha!)
*Catch all tray. I got mine for I think a dollar or two at a garage sale (They're 6.99 in Joann's!)
*Heat gun - pretty self explanatory. you need this to heat the embossing powder/enamel.

This is my ridiculous stash. Haha!!
This is my amazing tin that I keep more of my Die Cuts. Tins are my favorite way of organizing and this one is small enough to where I can put whatever I want in it and take it with me!

 Okay. So here is the process:

1. Pick your die cut! I chose this beautiful flower (I think it's a peony). 

2. Take your Die Cut and push it into your Embossing Pad to saturate it. 

 You can see how it's shiny here. 

3. Get out your catch-all tray, lay your newly inked up Die Cut and pour the enamel/powder over it. You'll want to do this a little on the quick side because you don't want the embossing ink to dry or you'll have to do it all again. 

 4. Tap off the excess from your Die Cut. (If you don't, you'll be sure to make a mess and get enamel everywhere.)

 5. Heat set it, You'll know when it's melted because there are no holes in the enamel and it becomes smooth. 

 Now. You can let it dry, dip the Die Cut in the Ink again and dip it back in the embossing powder/enamel OR while it's still hot, you can put it back in the enamel like in the video. But. I'm not too good at that so I just re-ink it and dip it again! :)

6. Repeat this process until you get the look you want. You can make it super thick or you can leave it at one coat. You may need to go back and fill in the spots that you may have no gotten the ink on (that's what happened with this flower) and I repeated this 3 times. (I like things to look thick and glassy.)

And here is the beautiful result! It looks glassy and thick. I'm happy with it! :)

I went a little crazy with them after that. As you can see here! :)

I hope you all have an amazing time doing this if you try and please please let me know if you made some and share! :) Have a great and safe Labor Day weekend.