Thursday, August 9, 2012

Introducing the Baby Book

Hello everyone! 

I'm really excited to bring this book to you because I know that not a lot of people use these in their art. But I want to bring a cheaper, repurpose-ing and creative way to art journal/scrapbook. 


The Baby Book.

Ever go garage sale-ing or go into thrift stores and see mountains of baby books that parents are getting rid of because their little baby is all grown up now? Buy them!!!  Specifically, buy the ones that have thick pages, not like paper, they are specifically called "board books." They come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Some have interactive pages for kids that have windows, pockets, flaps, etc.. Buy them ALL. I am crazy to say how many I have at the moment (but half of this number is from a box of baby books my boyfriend got me from a pick-up). But I have around 40. *cringe* I know. It's nuts. But they're so amazing. 

Preparing the book: 
1. Buy the book. (heehee!)
2. Take your sandpaper (I believe all artist should have these) and sand the pages down. When you do this, this creates a "tooth" for the glue or paint to stick to. This is REALLY important. 
3. Design the pages however you want. You can make mini scrapbooks in them by just doing what you normally do in scrapbooks. Glue down that papers, add your embellishments, pockets, pictures, etc...
4. Most of them DO get very chunky when you make them as scrapbooks. But if you paint on them, They don't expand much or at all. 

Here is a book that I just finished yesterday! (by the way, I just remembered I have this thing called a SCANNER to show you my work. Hahaha derrr). 

So I hope you all take a chance and give baby books a new life! Go to your local bookstore, thrift shop, Goodwill or garage sale and rescue a baby book! Make it something brilliant. :)

I hope you all enjoyed this post and see every mistake I brilliantly made on my pages because they were scanned. LOL!!

Have a creative day!


  1. Wonderful!!! I love using board books and have several in the closet.

  2. Great way to re-purpose a book. The inspirational words should help when school or work gets stressful.

    1. Absolutely! If you make one, please let me know and share! :)