Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Video for the Pocket Album

Since I got a comment about how to fold the Simple Pocket Album, I decided to make a short video to explain it. 


  1. oh gosh Sarah -- brilliant! Thank you so so much for doing the video. Once I saw it I immediately got how it was done - thank you!! (((big hugs)))

    Its a darling little book and one that would be so cute to send with an ATC card or two for a friend!

    Again, thank you for doing that for me!!

  2. Great video explanation of your cute pocket book..
    Sandy :)

  3. Great video, seem a pro at this already! And, you are a great teacher as Von has created a great book! Love the colors and image you have chosen for this particular book!

  4. Hi, Sarah! I am here to present your blog with the LIEBSTER AWARD! Congratulations! The details are on my blog: